Krauss Maffei Berstorff
Davis Standard
Werner and Pfleiderer Clextral

Many OEM extruder brands are designed and built to utilize Flender gearboxes. Being a certified service and repair facility for all Flender extruder and mechanical drives gives us unique access to the original technical information for your specific gearbox and fast affordable access to the original OEM parts.

We offer 30 years of Krauss Maffei experience and have proprietary privileges to OEM drawings, parts list and parts. 

For technical information about your extruder gearbox, call us here at Weltrans. We’ll be glad to help you with
fast, personal service...often within 24 hours.

OEM Extruder Gearbox Repair and Service
Although most extruders are durable and typically last for years, eventually gearboxes need to be repared, rebuilt or replaced. Weltrans offers customers thirty years of experience with single and twin screw extruders including but not limited to:
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